Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

Up to 70% off

Sale starts on:

Monday, 16 November 2020 – 12PM EST (Toronto Time)

Black Friday is coming. And it’s gonna be BIG!

That’s why we are giving you a heads up! We want you to have time to select your favorite items beforehand, so that you are ready to go on the 16th.

Our Black Friday Sale is the perfect occasion to treat yourself to new sportswear and to stock up on your all-time favorites from Women's Best.

Excited? We sure are!


We will let you know when our sale starts.

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Here is all you need to know
to be prepared for your big shopping day:

  1. 1. Set your alarm for Monday, 16 November at 12pm EST (Toronto time).
  2. 2. Sign up to our newsletter and if you haven’t already, set up your Women's Best account to be the first to take advantage of our Black Friday Sale and to ensure a smooth ordering process.
  3. 3. First come, first served! Products won’t be restocked during our Black Friday Sale. Make sure to be one of the first to fill your cart!
  4. 4. The sale starts at 12pm EST (Toronto time). If you live in a different time zone use a time converter to know what time the sale will start at your location.

Got any questions?

Reach out to us on Instagram via DM or in the comment section – or head to our website and contact our customer care team.

Have fun shopping,
Your Women's Best Team

Sale starts in:

Black Friday Sale
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