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Name: Quianna Camper

Location: New Jersey, USA

Birthday: 18th March 1984

Instagram: @qui2health

Can you share more about yourself and what you do?

I’m a personal trainer and wellness coach. I train people not just physically but also guide them mentally, and that’s through experience.

When did your mental and physical transformation start? Was there a certain event or situation after which you decided something had to change?

It’s still going but it all started in 2015. I feel like there is always change, so I’m always going to wanna be better, and during my experience, I feel like I just continue to evolve and change and become a better person.

What would you recommend to a person who is looking to be mentally and physically strong? Where should one start?

Take it one second at a time. Don’t think about the end result but think about the start. Every day take one step closer and then you’ll be closer to your goal or either there. I feel like it’s both mental and physical but if you mentally make it up in your mind that you want it — that’s the start. You have to start in your mind because that means that your mind and your body will come together and want to make a change.

You talk about spiritual power on your Instagram. How does your faith in God influence your journey?

Wow… I’m nothing without God, number one. I feel like he’s the reason why I’m still alive today, so if you see me talking about God, posting a caption, it’s just because I want to give him thanks for keeping me alive through all of my life experiences.

As a Mental & Physical Transformer, what are you aiming for when you take on a new client?

I aim to make them see the change from within and not outside. A lot of people come because they want enhanced glutes or a tighter core, but I really want them to see that the inside matters most. What I want them to do is to see it from the inside that they need change, not the outside. I want them to see that it all starts from within first because if you’re feeling good inside, your outside will shine bright.

You opened your member’s only training facility — Rehab — in March 2020. What was the idea behind it?

Simply a safe place, a judge-free zone, building a community out of love and encouragement and empowerment for women, and men, but mostly women.

We are curious: Are men welcome at Rehab? Or do they ever reach out to you, get inspired by your content or ask you for advice?

Yes, they are welcome. And they do reach out to me and ask for advice too.

Being an influencer, social media is a big part of your life. What is the biggest change you have seen since you started?

Yes, the growth and just the way my clients/my girls talk. I love to see their conversations start to shift, just in a more positive light.

Do you see your daughter following in your footsteps? Is working together something that you can see happening in the foreseeable future?

Absolutely. We already work together, we’re a team.

You decided to collaborate with Women’s Best. Taking into consideration everything you stand for, why did you choose to be part of the community?

I love that they stand behind all different shapes and sizes. I’ve received nothing but love from my team. I mean I don’t see myself even leaving in the near future, I feel like over the years I’ve grown so much and I feel like being a part of a family that stands by women of all colors, shapes and sizes empower each other, I don’t wanna be outside that family—they stand for everything!

What are your favorite Women’s Best products? And when/how do you use each?

It’s the Pre Workout! I love Pre Workout as you all know. I probably don’t need it but Pre Workout is my favorite. The Blueberry Acai is my favorite.

Aside from the protein, I’ll take the burners 2 times a month, I take the Pre Workout at least 15 minutes before my workouts and pretty much during my workout—you see them in my videos. Then I take a protein drink right after my workout within 30 minutes. And, a whole heap of vitamins and hair supplements.

What are your next goals to achieve?

There is so much that I want you guys to look out for! I do not kiss and tell, so you gotta wait until you see what comes out next. But stay tuned!

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