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The queen of Instagram vs Reality, Georgie Clarke sets the record straight on normalizing normal bodies, self-love and controversial women’s rights topics 💗 Read our interview and find out more about the Women’s Best ambassador!

Name: Georgie Clarke

Location: London, United Kingdom

Height: 170 cm

Birthday: 19th March 1992

Instagram: @georgie.clarke

Can you share more about yourself and what you are doing?

I am a self-love content creator and women’s rights activist. My page is all about teaching women how to learn to love their bodies, souls and minds. I share my experiences as a woman and encourage open debates on topics on my page. It’s a place for women to come and feel safe sharing their feelings.

When did your journey start? Was there a certain event or situation after which you decided, “ok, this is what I’m going to do”?

I started my Instagram 7 years ago and took it full-time 4 years ago. However, during the pandemic was when I really wanted to change my content and make it about self-love. For me, I needed to share those thoughts and feelings during the pandemic because I felt responsible for showing all women the truth behind Instagram and encouraging them to love themselves just how they are.

You’re a big advocate of the Instagram versus Reality posts. How did this start and what is the motivation behind sharing this content?

I had been tagged in an awful post commenting on my body with loads of comments which really upset me. At first, I just wanted it to go away, however after a few days I realized that I needed to speak out about it and start sharing self-love content. It gave me the drive to change my whole page for the better.

As a body positive blogger what are you aiming to share with the world?

I want women to be able to come to my page and just for a moment feel happiness, I want my content to help them accept themselves and love themselves. I’m here to support and raise women, give them a voice or use my voice to share what women are going through.

On the topic of self-love, what does this inner dialogue look like?

The inner dialogue for me, is to understand that all of these trends that keep changing are not for me to keep up with. There were things in the past that used to bother me and now they no longer do. These beauty standards are always changing and I don’t need to be a part of them. I’m me and that’s more than beautiful.

Is there a message you have for young girls and women who are affected by a negative self-image?

I always say to young girls and women, what is the root of your self image being affected? Most of the time, its external influences such as women on Instagram editing and portraying unrealistic beauty standards. If that’s where it’s stemming from and they are spending their time comparing themselves against something that isn’t even reality then my advice is to unfollow anyone who makes you feel that way. Also, to spend time learning to love your body and be kind with your journey… you will not love every part of your body all the time but to be patient with yourself and know that something that bothers you now won’t cross your mind next year.

Tell us more about your workouts and training, how often do you train and what are you doing?

My training is all about what I find fun, I train because it helps my mental health — those endorphins are great! But I have to enjoy what I’m doing. I enjoy; spin classes, hikes in nature, boot camps, skipping and TENNIS!

What’s your relationship with food? Also, what’s your favorite treat?

There is not one piece of food I don’t eat…for me FOOD = FUEL. I fuel my body with lots of food. I particularly love charcuterie style lunches with lots of raw fruit and veg. My favorite treat is a MARS bar right now, I put them in the fridge – cut them into little slithers and enjoy each piece with my cup of tea.

Tell us more about what Women’s Best nutrition and supplement products you use? When and why?

I absolutely love the pre workout in tropical flavor, sometimes I don’t feel I have the energy — especially in winter to workout, so this really gives me the boost I need. I love the coconut protein bars also for when I am done working out and also the hair vitamins are so yummy!

And, what is your favorite Women’s Best sportswear collection and color combo, and why?

Always ALWAYS the MOVE collection. I am obsessed — I love everything about it, the grainy effect of the colors, the fabric, the shape of the sports bra, the overall look. I live in the black sets for my everyday errands.

Lastly, you decided to collab with Women’s Best. Why did you choose to be part of the community?

For me, there really was no better brand than Women’s Best. I love the messaging, I love the sportswear, I love everything about Women’s Best and what they represent, and I knew that my page would align perfectly with the key messaging.

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