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Name: Brittne Babe

Location: Los Angeles

Height: 167 cm

Birthday date: 02/05/1994

Can you share more about yourself? When and how did you discover your passion for fitness (and health)?

I have been a track athlete my entire life and was always active in social media. It started with Myspace and Facebook and after constant pressure from my mom, (she actually had more followers than me at the time!), I created an Instagram account. I began to post a lot of fashion and beauty pictures and picked up a ton of followers quickly. At the time I wasn’t really passionate about fitness but my followers liked my pictures with workout clothes and wanted me to share more about my fitness life and workout routine, and that is how my account transformed into fitness. Then, I became passionate about getting the world to know how important it is to stay active, fit and have a healthy lifestyle.

What is your biggest achievement?

The achievements I’m most proud of are building my own business and graduating college. I have a bachelor of science in public health. The education gave me a solid background about the importance of nutrition, disease prevention, and a healthy lifestyle.

What is your secret recipe For Motivating yourself to work out?

The best way to motivate yourself to workout is not wanting to be inactive! I cannot just sit around; I need to do something that makes me feel happy. Taking care of my body is important to me and I also love the attention and positive feedback I receive about the progress I make in building up the muscles and shaping my body.

What are the best 3 advices you would give to your supporters and the people inspired by you?

Stay true to yourself, build your brand and understand your own competition is yourself! Compete against yourself only.

What are your FAVORITE 3 fitness exercises?

My favorite exercises are push-ups, shoulder press, and weighted squats.

How often do you work out a week? And what is your workout routine/schedule?

I work out at least 3 times a week (when I film). I create the workout plans for my babes in my BrittCamp, in full length. I love to share with my followers how my body is being shaped with the exercises I do. That’s why the workouts that you see on my Instagram account are the workouts I do to create my physique.

What does your diet look like? Do you commit to a special diet? (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, low carb, low fat)

I do not believe in the word diet. I eat what I feel like eating in moderation. I have my Women’s Best Fit Pro Whey Protein Shake; I eat a salad a day and drink a lot of water (drinking lots of water is important not only for keeping your body in shape but also for your health! Find out the top 13 benefits of drinking a gallon of water every day). My dinner usually contains rice, protein, and greens so I eat pretty healthy by default.

Do you have cheat days? If yes, what is your most favourite cheat meal?

I don’t have cheat days. I live my life on my terms. I focus on making healthy choices the majority of the week and have ice cream, brownies or cheesecake if I am out for dinner.

What supplements do you use? And what is your FAVORITE Women’s Best product?

The supplements and Women’s Best products I use are Fit Pro Whey protein, Omega 3, Multivitamins, iron, Chewable hair vitamins. My favorite Women’s Best product is BCAAs. They are so good, and I’ve noticed big, positive changes in my muscle growth since I started using them.

Many people find it hard to eat healthy daily. How do you make sure to keep a healthy diet in your everyday life?

I always have Women’s Best protein to keep me on track. Whether it’s about snacks or fit whey shakes, it is super important to stay prepared and always have something to eat with you. This way, you don’t risk getting tempted by some fast foods you can buy on every corner. I also prep my meals in the morning to make sure I’m keeping a healthy and balanced diet which is the basis for being in shape!

What has inspired you towards social media? When/how did you start it? And what is your FAVORITE platform (Instagram / YouTube / Facebook etc…)?

As mentioned I started when I was a child with Myspace. I like the graphics, colours and beautiful things. My favorite platform is Instagram where I have been able to grow my brand and connect with my followers interested in fitness, staying fit and active!

How hard have you found it to build such a strong community?

My focus wasn’t on growing the number of followers. What was, and still is, the most important is to, be honest, stay positive, and provide quality content. The community came was built easily thanks to that! It’s a great feeling to know that they have my back and I have theirs.

What is your FAVORITE food prep meal?

My favorite prep meal is brown rice, chicken, and baby spinach.

What are your tips when engaging in food prep for the very first time?

Create a menu based on the plan what you would like to eat and how much time you can spend on healthy cooking and meal preparation. Then create your shopping list that includes all the ingredients. Stay away from a bunch of recipes at the beginning because you do not want to get overwhelmed. Keep your food prep menu super simple and make sure that the meals include protein, greens, and carb.

What are your future goals?

To rule the world!! Just kidding, but honestly, I want my name to ring the same way like when you hear Beyoncé.

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