How to get a slim waist?

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When toning their bodies, most women aim to get their body to resemble the shape of an hourglass. This means having a tiny waist and a well rounded butt. This body shape emphasizes your curves and looks super feminine!

While building up your glute muscle seems to be relatively straight forward, slimming down your waist is a little more tricky.

First, it results from the optical difference between your hips and behind, your waist, and your shoulders. When working out, it is thus crucial that you not only target your waist and butt to achieve a slim waist, but also train your shoulders to get that hourglass shape.

Second, there are also tips regarding your posture, fashion choices, and nutrition that can help you achieve your dream shape. We have listed some of these tips below:

Quick Tips to get a slim waist:

  • Improve your posture and walk with confidence
  • Wear push-up bras, pencil skirts and sweetheart neck dresses
  • Drink a lot of water (to improve digestion)
  • Eat six small meals a day (this avoids overeating and bloating)

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Slim Waist Workout Routine

This routine uses a variety of exercises that will tighten your core, define your upper body, and give your butt a shapely boost!

Don’t forget to wear flexible, stretchy clothes. Find extra comfortable and supportive training outfits in our Women’s Best Sportswear Collections.

Keep in Mind:

Many traditional core exercises can actually bulk up the core muscles. They strengthen your side ab muscles, so your core will be straight on the sides like the ruler shape. Instead, you should do core exercises which focus on the lateral and oblique muscle groups, in order to tighten and trim the waist


Standing Cable Wood Chop:

Starting position: Attach a standard handle on a high pulley. Stand with your side to the machine and step as far away as you need to extend your arms. (grab the handle with both hands)

  • Now pull the handle down to your front knee while rotating your upper body.
  • Repeat this process as often as it is mentioned on your workout routine!

Oblique Crunch on Exercise Ball:

Starting position: Get an exercises ball and lie with your back flat on the ball. Put your hands behind your head. (TIP: You can also put your hands in front, this may you help you to hold your balance)

  • Now lift your left shoulder to the right and try to push your lower back on the ball to isolate the abdominals. Keep contracting the abdominals until you have reached the highest point. Exhale during this motion.
  • Repeat this motion now for the opposite side and just turn your elbows slightly to your obliques.
  • Keep your chin high, that way you are not straining your neck.
  • Repeat until you feel your obliques working.

Twisted crunches:

Starting position: Lie on your back on the floor or on an exercise mat with your hands to the side of your head and your knees bent.

  • Raise your upper body by contracting your abdominals and bring your elbow to the opposing sides’ knee.
  • Return slowly to the starting position.
  • Repeat the motion with the other elbow.
  • Return slowly to the starting position.
  • Repeat this process as often as mentioned on your workout routine.

Do this workout routine three times a week. Do one set of 10 to 13 repetitions of each exercise, add some cardio, eat a clean and healthy diet, and you’ll be on the best way to get a sexy hourglass figure!

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